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  2. We Love Them, Yeah Yeah Yeah: 7 Ways the Beatles Changed American Culture - Biography
  3. A Revolution in Music
  4. When The Beatles changed everything


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Photo of the Day. Americans were missing that little bit of excitement in their lives and people were very inhibited. They needed an outlet to let their suppressed feelings out. Then came four lads from England that would soon shock the world, who called themselves the Beatles.

We Love Them, Yeah Yeah Yeah: 7 Ways the Beatles Changed American Culture - Biography

The Beatles legacy continues. The strides not only being made in music but in the culture of America were ones that would last for decades. Even today, 46 years after the breakup, the Beatles legacy is still kept alive through tributes and record sales are still skyrocketing. The Beatles were the most influential.

A Revolution in Music

Britain and America have influenced and inspired one another for many years. Music was, and still is, a huge connecting factor between the two countries. The music and artists of the 60s influenced radio and television, the music, fashion and lifestyles of the people, particularly youth, heavily influenced the popular culture Australia, USA, Britain and other Western Countries.

They were able to conquer and influence pop culture with their music.

When The Beatles changed everything

Initially they affected the post-war baby boom generation of Britain and the W. Certainly they were the most successful group, with global sales exceeding 1. During the sixties, The Beatles using revolutionary ideas in their music inspired. The film was created to expand the fame and musical recognition of the Beatles among the America and Britain.

The intended purpose of the musical comedy was to reflect the public and private lives of The Beatles by taking the.

It was 47 years ago, when The Beatles step foot in America and changed the course of music and history forever. Unknown at the time, these four young men from Liverpool ultimately. Other Stones-type bands.