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Technology, privacy, hacking, and legislating in the new digital age
  1. 4​-​Way Split
  2. The dystopian digital future of fake media
  3. British Government Goes Bananas
  4. Learn How to Protect Yourself - Gabrielle Rubin Female Awareness Self Defense

4​-​Way Split

In she expanded her international portfolio and attended the Miami Ad School, where she was trained in new planning techniques. Ubilabs aem1k. Martin is involved in several tech-related events and Head of Development at Ubilabs. He is famous for hacking artsy code that bends the limits of programming. Martin is an active speaker at conferences and loves to share the latest insights with the community.

Xing arnekittler producttankHH. Website preciousforever Xing LinkedIn. Christophe founded precious design studio 10 years ago together with friends and enjoys every single day since then, no matter if delight or struggle crosses their road. Before that, he worked at some design agencies, ran a record label and released his own electronic music.

The dystopian digital future of fake media

He loves his two kids and their mother more than anything else and is on a that permanent mission to find the perfect work-life blend. Website Personal Website BuckCarsten. Carsten trained as a graphic designer, long before the advent of computers.

Besides participating in a couple of mainly international projects related to sustainable design, Carsten Buck started a partnership with Prof. Michael Braungart, the founder of the Cradle to Cradle principle. The Cradle to Cradle concept calls for the transformation of the industry through ecologically intelligent design.

The aim is to improve the quality of products so that they have an improved consumer quality and are of both economic and ecological benefit. Steffan Heuer has been covering technology and innovation at the messy intersection of economics, culture, and social change for almost two decades, racking up about 80, air miles a year.

He is the U. Correspondent for the German business magazine brand eins and lives in San Francisco. Website LinkedIn. Website SoundCloud.

Ubilabs Website Xing LinkedIn. Jens is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and contributor to publications on information society, interactive storytelling and mobility. Website Xing pikofilm zwzora. Website Xing LinkedIn jeremytai.

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Jeremy is an American designer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, and creative evangelist at Google. Voted as one of the most influential people in the European digital industry, his mission is to elevate creativity in all its forms through inspiration, collaboration and creation. Website Website LinkedIn thornkvist.

British Government Goes Bananas

Daniel Potts. Connor Fox. Anthony Raucci. Amanda Dittmar. Senny Mau. Sam Baguley. Pamela Hoogeboom. Emily Melo-Coppinger. Gage Rice. Mitchell Ruderman.

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Ted Moseley. Jeremy Vasser. Sam Hatfield. Erik Martin. Seth Aaron. Naomi Sz.

Learn How to Protect Yourself - Gabrielle Rubin Female Awareness Self Defense

Mario G. Austin H. Janice Ho. Joe Schuller. William L. Kristin Matthews. Matthew Cruz. Karl Mantle. Most of these services are free of charge - on the surface at least. But in reality, users very often "pay" with their personal data. The face-editing app Zao has gone viral in China and triggered concern across cyberspace.

Hosting providers such as Facebook can be ordered to remove remarks identical or equivalent to ones already deemed illegal, the EU's top court says. And the ruling has worldwide implications. Can teens be vaccinated against online disinformation?

Your Guide to Digital Selfdefense - Pernille Tranberg und Steffan Heuer

DW's Teri Schultz reports on creative educational efforts to help young media consumers fend off viral lies. Germany's largest state has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a "globally unique" AI process to combat child pornography. The algorithm could be implemented within the next year, authorities tell DW.