Manual Public Relations (His Every Desire Part 5) Billionaire BDSM Erotica

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But how will he react when she accidentally messes up the notes from an important meeting, and will Danielle shy away from him after his reaction? Warning: this word story contains a super sexy alpha male billionaire, bdsm, spanking in the office, explicit sex and fantastic orgasms! Get A Copy.

People who bought this also bought...

Kindle Edition , 32 pages. More Details His Every Desire Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Antoinette Lewis rated it did not like it Oct 12, Tammy Davidson rated it really liked it Aug 24, Jenni rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Serena rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Christine Hart rated it really liked it Aug 13, Elke rated it liked it Aug 05, Paula rated it really liked it Nov 17, Celina Holbrook rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Jana Whaley added it May 01, Racheal Robinson marked it as to-read Oct 18, Nur Diyana added it Dec 03, Mandi added it Nov 17, Librarian heroine with disdain for love becomes an internet meme; hero is a journalist trying to set her up for a story.

Former gang member hero is just out of prison and trying to set himself straight. Heroine is the girl next door from his childhood.

Best Romance Novels Ever - Sexy Books to Read

A beautiful romance about life and love and how they intersect. Small-town contemporary. French heroine with abusive past is now chef at ski resort. Hunky owner wants to love her. Regency historical; Spinster heroine in disguise stumbles upon her family's mortal enemy and falls in love. Of course.

Old school. Regency historical. Marquess and war hero returns home with PTSD and a need for funds. Courts scandalous heiress who steals his heart. Gorgeous historical. Princess heroine has always loved her father's head guard. He finally finds he can't resist her. Old School ish. Former military hero turned security expert hero finds heroine in a small town, the two are soon chasing a serial killer who is somehow connected to them.


Heroine is left at the altar on television, and the cameraman who made sure the world saw it all becomes integral in her finding a new guy A beautiful, honest love story between two ordinary guys who feel like they don't fit Asexual hero. Heroine is a Regency-era fixer -- Olivia Pope in a corset. Hero is knocked for a loop when she arrives to solve a delicate matter involving his sister and a dead aristocrat. Plus-sized heroine horribly bullied in high school falls for her bully in college. You will feel everything while reading this.

Stein is excellent at her job. Bollywood star causes a media ruckus and gets shipped off to a distant estate where she falls in love with a crusty, beastly hero. What's not to love? This sexy-contemporary is for pen-pal romance lovers out there She's a plus-sized veterinarian, and their letters are awesome.

Secret baby, second chance at love story. After their failed elopement, the hero heads to war and the heroine marries another; when she's widowed, she places an ad for a new husband--only to have her first love reappear. Two Regency Era spies married for work, and now she's looking for an annulment so she can marry for love.

First in a series of erotic contemporaries about Air Force fighter pilots and their fall into love. Each book features a different kink; explored with sexiness and emotion. MMF Menage.

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Sci-fi erotic romance. When a spaceship crash lands on a planet with an atmosphere of pure aphrodisiac, a human space soldier and an alien have no choice but to turn to each other for help. A full five bananas on the bananas scale. Autistic heroine hires a male escort with an eye toward learning about sex and relationships.

They tumble into love. Rock star hero struggling with depression falls for an ordinary girl in an extraordinary way. Magnificent rep for mental illness. Delicious Thanksgiving-themed romance. Heroine needs a fake-boyfriend to fend off irritating family questions, and finds one in sexy single-dad contractor. Shifter hero imprisoned by vampires for centuries finally escapes to find his fated mate is part vampire. The first in an unputdownable series. Stunning erotic historical debut with hints of gothic and modern. Heroine is a delightful botanist with no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with an alpha-submissive duke—who fears what will happen if she discovers his kink.

Rich aristocrat and a thief-turned-investigator are an irresistible match in Regency London. Heroine who has been personal assistant to her best friend hero decides she can't live with her unrequited love any longer and quits. Hero has other plans. Modern amnesia story. The heroine lost her memory and is desperate to understand herself, so she seeks out the only person she can find who might help -- her ex-boyfriend, who still has a thing for her Erotic romance set on a futuristic prison planet. Heroine arrives at the prison to discover that she has no choice but to find a protector.

This one is not for the faint of heart. College-set contemporary. Heroine with spinal cord injury, injured hockey-player hero.

LESBIAN: WET FOR AN OLDER WOMAN (Lesbian Older Woman Younger | Lib

Sexy, honest romance. Gilded Age American-set novella. Hero is a millionaire president of a bank. Heroine is a perfume girl on the run. They are trapped in his private rail car for three days. Black suffragette heroine hiding her work from her family and friends meets hero working to enforce the 15th Amendment She disagrees. First in a contemporary duology. Newly graduated heroine falls for a graduate student in the summer after college, then realizes love might not be possible between them. Beautiful, honest, sexy book.

Second book How Not to Let Go required for happily ever after. Delicious secret billionaire story. Hero is sentenced to hours of community service at a non-profit run by the heroine. She has no idea who he is. Paranormal vampire romance; dentist heroine, vampire hero who loses a fang. Hilariously funny. When hero needs a date to his ex's wedding, he's lucky enough to find one when he's stuck in an elevator with the heroine. Romantic comedy gold. The best romance novel ever written. Look it up.

Aro hero. Gorgeously written. Professional city-girl dancer is paired with an Alaskan wilderness mountain man on a Dancing With the Stars-style show. Chemistry for days. Pygmalion retelling, catnip historical. NYC-set contemporary romance; chef hero, heroine trying to prove herself to her celebrity chef mom. The two open restaurant together, very sexy and fun. One of the best historical romances ever written. Childhood friends to lovers.

You want this one for the gelato. Sexy contemporary brainy heroine trades tutoring to a cocky hocky-playing hero for tips on landing the guy of her dreams, only to discover that he was right there all along. Personal chef to a rock band falls for studio musician with a devastating past. A love story set against the backdrop of family responsibility and expectation. Set against backdrop of a rebuilding New Orleans.

Stolen Child

She loses of course , but wins the hero's heart in the balance. Paranormal shifter romance. Lion-shifter hero, heroine is reluctant conduit for his magical energy. The story of fated mates gone wrong. Erotic contemporary; heroine turning over bad girl leaf, damaged artist hero. Regency historical; hero responsible for cousin's infertility, agrees to impregnate cousin's wife and falls in love. Regency historical; If 50 Shades were published in the Regency, how would women respond? And what would men do? Hero falls for his best friend's sister, who has read the book. Regency historical; Wallflower heroine who is a rape survivor is stranded at an inn with the hero.

Important and emotional. Five years later, a secret baby is revealed when Hamas kidnaps him.

His Absolute Passion: The Billionaire's Ultimatum: A BDSM Erotic Romance, Part 8 (Unabridged)

Four erotic historical novellas set in a Regency-Era Sex Club. Includes older maid finding her sexy self! New Orleans-set romantic suspense; heroine is suspect in TV evangelist murder. Hero is DA. Old school romance.

Heroine has one torrid night with stepbrother before running to Italy, love triangle develops with gorgeous Italian in the seminary. Delicious and sexy and very very old school. Hero loses his fiancee to her shenanigans, forces her to help him find a new wife. Sports contemporary. Journalist heroine, Arrogant hockey goalie hero.

Deliciously funny. Regency historical, lower-class. Second chance at love -- Heroine is a fence, hero is her first love, once accused of murder, now back to win her. NYC-set contemporary, category romance.

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Bartender heroine loses apartment, must move in with sexy, amazing, single boss. As one does. Bodyguard romance in reverse. Hope there will be more Rawhide to come. I did enjoy this glimpse into the past. It did get a bit boring with the constant spankings and didn't With David's guidance and Lee's eventual trust these two make a new life together. I hope there will be more stories from the people of Eden. I cant wait to read more stories from Vipers dungeon, keep them coming Abby.

Darius and Marianne both needed to heal from past emotional wounds, how they came together and their love Cowboys and BDSM make a real hot story. They both must overcome their pasts before finally coming totally together. The story has no before or after as the writer obviously intended.

While I am not into the Domme side of I would love an extended version on Zeke and Tevins life together. Look forward to more.