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Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit by James Leonard Papandrea | eBay

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The Trinity: Guides to Theology Series. Related Products. Saint Augustine. Michael E. Anne Hunt. Denis Edwards. Have a question about this product? As rich as each of these can be, they still leave us yearning for more, for permanence, ultimately for what only Heaven will bring. We know too well how quickly everything can change, how transitory and fleeting are these wonderful experiences.

And think of the low times in life—tragedy, depression, sickness, hardship, setbacks. They too leave us yearning for a world where finally everything will be restored and evil will be entirely and permanently conquered.

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Can we even imagine a world without violence, war, oppression, corruption, struggle with temptation, bad choices, selfishness, doubt, divorce? Ahhh, when will the Garden of Eden be restored? The entire story of salvation described in the Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, is all about God pursuing us, inviting us into relationship with him, calling us forward to new life. This is what faith is all about: relationship with God!

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Instead it is all about a relationship. If up till now you have kept him at a distance, step forward. He will receive you with open arms. Week 3 will then be about our Catholic understanding of Conversion. Here are the homework questions for this week:. What are some of the false ways we seek to fill the emptiness in our lives?

Why do we resist inviting God into our deepest loneliness, restlessness, fears? What is truly amazing is that our God, the God of the entire universe, the One who is all-powerful, all-present, and all-knowing—for reasons beyond anything we could envision—thirsts for us even more than we do for him! That should blow our socks off! So what does this relationship He offers look like? In our human limitedness, the best we can do is imagine the best of our own relationships and friendships and then parallel that to divine friendship. The Bible is full of images of how God envisions his relationship with us.

As a young man marries a virgin, your Builder shall marry you; and as a bridegroom rejoices in his bride so shall your God rejoice in you. The reality is this: God invites us to welcome Him into the center of our lives. Knowing that we struggle to comprehend this, in his love for us, He sent Jesus into our very world, in human form, to make this connection possible. Our Christian faith is by its very nature Christ-centered. This relationship with God is made concrete in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Through Him we have access to the Father. Through Him we are daughters and sons of God, with Jesus as our brother! In the power of the Holy Spirit we are swept up into the very communion of the Trinity. So when we are in relationship with Jesus we experience everything in our lives through the lens of this friendship. We honestly and openly bring to Him our anxieties and fears, asking for His help, and allowing ourselves to be assured of His care.

ISBN 13: 9780764820823

Throughout our day and night! We firmly believe that there is a plan unfolding in our lives—and that God is actively working with us and through us to fulfill that plan. As with all friendships, our friendship with the Lord is constantly growing, shifting, and maturing—or drifting away. Quality relationships demand attention, effort, and heart. Too often we allow this relationship with God to become mechanical, rote, impersonal, or just neglected altogether.

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  2. Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit by James Leonard Papandrea | eBay.
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  6. When this happens we miss out on the most important friendship in our lives! James Papandrea writes in an engaging and accessible style on the theological background of the Trinity. James L. He writes, lectures, conducts retreats, and leads days of recollection for people seeking to reenergize and reground their lives. Go to… Home Education Individuals Parishes. Book details. Look Inside. Write a review. Awaiting Shipment.

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